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Failed TV Pilot: 'Little Amy' (Produced 1962)

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Failed TV Pilot: 'Little Amy' (Produced 1962)

Published 1962

Failed TV Pilot called "Little Amy", produced 1962. This pilot is about a small child. Features some nice footage of early 60's house design.

Run time Approx 27 Minutes
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Molly McGee - favoritefavorite - April 28, 2015
Subject: Not The Worst
This is not the worst show I've seen. Even for the day, though, I think it was a bit too frivolous. The plot revolves around whether a woman gets a fur coat and whether the home team wins the Big Game. Both are accomplished a little too easily to be particularly interesting.

The humor is lame. As far as sweetness is concerned, it's pure maple syrup. Morality is rewarded.

This is a Mom-and-apple-pie type show with low stakes and poor acting. It could have been better.
Reviewer: I_loved_this movie! - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 2, 2011
Subject: Goof Eyes
Amy was the little girl who made goof eyes at Chip in My Three Sons. Chip was hiding in his house trying to pretend he wasn't home because she kept standing outside, claiming Chip was her boyfriend.
Reviewer: dennisthemenace - favoritefavoritefavorite - March 5, 2010
Subject: Lazy-viewer blinders off, this really isn't that far from TV today
It may not be great television, but the contrivances of According to Jim, Two and a Half Men, and How I Met Your Mother aren't that far from this show's. What has changed is the superficialities of presentation, but not the core.

I wouldn't have called it "failed", by the way because that presets perception, to a degree. Rarely is this material presented as "failed" pilots. Instead, I prefer what you usually see it called: An unaired pilot, or a pilot the network didn't pick up. Without it being presented here as "failed" would we really think it was that awful?

Maybe we should think again and ask some tough questions about the quality of some of the shows that used to go on for all time. Was The Beverly Hillbillies really any good after they played out all the possibilities of the concept by the end of the first season? I have my doubts.
Reviewer: doowopbob - favorite - March 5, 2010
Subject: ..In A Word..
Reviewer: B. Stockwell - favorite - November 12, 2009
Subject: Jack Nicholson? What the Hell?
The acting is awful and the writing painful. Retro is cool but nostalgia goes only so far. This pilot didn't work because it's dreadful. But, there's JACK! To save you the pain of wading through this overwrought dreck, he shows up at 21:21.
Reviewer: bgrauman - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 9, 2009
Subject: The show that might have been...
This pilot was produced by CBS as a possible series for their 1962-'63 season; apparently Jim Aubrey, CBS' president, figured, if "DENNIS THE MENACE" is such a big hit for our network on Sunday nights, why don't we produce our own female equivalent, and make a little money on it?. Well, there was a difference- there was SOMETHING about this potential show that wasn't quite right- maybe it was the way everything was "set up". It could have been the way the characters and situations unfolded.

According to Lee Goldberg in his book, "Unsold Television Pilots, 1955 through 1988", the Leo Burnett advertsising agency, in their report on several 1962-'63 pilot films, determined that "LITTLE AMY" was "unbelievably bad". However, I gave this a five star rating because it's a rare example of a TV pilot that never aired- but I tend to share the same opinion that the Burnett agency had. It COULD have been better.
Reviewer: Steve Carras - favoritefavoritefavorite - October 19, 2009
Subject: Little Amy
This IS a rarity, catchy tune..good both original and stock cues for the time, and yes, it IS a pilot and a rare show...I hardly know anyone from this show..I DID catch this earlier on another B&W TV site [this was in black and white despite what IMDB says, not color unless it was just due to then standard B&W broadcasting!]. I tried to see some of Mickey Rooney's concurrent show Happy but buffering problems prevented this, caught a little bit of this, then went to this site. Cute opening titles, if a little TOO cute even here with the Daddy and Mommy reference, but still as I say, a fun theme. Regarding the latter, even both now and back in the 80s it wouldn't have fit--THIS in the middle of disco and Flashdance, let alone today's stuff..most of today's..but as said, NickAtNite could have had this if it were a regular. I seem to vageuly recall it despite being only 2 or 3 at the time!

In conclusion, this does seem it would have been a good 1960s show.. I don't recognize, again, hardly any of the folks there by name.

Anyway, glad tosee that this is public domain..
Reviewer: Seto-Kaiba_Is_Stupid - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 8, 2008
Subject: FABULOUS!
Hi, I'm Yugi Moto, and I think this is a great failed TV pilot, with a cute child actress who has real talent. Nice, friendly and good, This could of been a hit on Nickelodeon during the 90's, or in syndication during the 80's. This could also of been a hit during the 60's, perhaps on ABC.
Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 19, 2008
Subject: Hereeeeee's......
I DID see Jack Nicholson.. Granted, I only saw his name in the credits.. I then had to rewind to that part and oh yeah, there he is! Someone had to start somewhere I guess.

Anyways, this actually was a bit of a pleasant surprise. I was all ready for the kids to be sugar saccharin sweet, but except for the character Arthur and the little brother (who probably had no idea he was in a show), the girl playing Amy and her best friend do their best to make themselves believable. The plot, hackeyed as it sounds, actually has a lot to say about responsibility and listening to advice and whatnot. Very interesting viewing actually.
Reviewer: Strandlund - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 18, 2008
Subject: Before they were stars...
I can't believe no one has mentioned the Hollywood superstar that appears in this show! He plays the other coach at the football game towards the end of the program. And he has only one or two lines. This show is pretty standard fare, but when you have acting powerhouses like JACK NICHOLSON in the can only be FANTASTIC! Thanks to whomever uploaded this! MORE FAILED SITCOM PILOTS, PLEASE!
Reviewer: Noah 8-? - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 18, 2008
Subject: Little Amy? Little Audrey more likely...
The similarities between the about 8 year old (regarde' her teeth) Debbie Megowan and the Charicature of Little Audrey seem to be obvious. The longish face rather than just the usual fare; the beguiling smile and the simplistic plot reveal Little Audrey to a 'T'. The age, setting, and family-fill-in would have been what to expect from a tv version of Little Audrey but maybe there was some copywright or other impediments to that show title.
Besides being a real little beauty all around, the presentation of this child is the most professional acting on the set. She delivers lines and presence better than the adults save for the almost tearful scene which could have been done better.
Who was this little dedimpled pigtailed cutie? Looking up Debbie Megowan on the 'net showed an impressive career that lasted only about two years... beyond that the only biographical data to be found was that that she was female - no birthdate - no where-are-they-now, nothing. She portrayed the Daughter of the alcoholic couple, Jack Lemmon & Lee Remeke in The Days of Wine & Roses and was a 'young maiden' in the Oacars & Hamerstein Cinderella. Looks like this musta been around the time of Jay North in Dennis the Menace. Wha' hoppen? Could her sudden disappearance before teenagerhood have been the result of clandestine or threatened child exploitation for which Hollywood was so infamous? I don't think even her hairdresser knows the answer to that one.
I'm thinking that her little friend Rosalie might also be the same little girl in the Andy Griffith episode about the beauty pagent (Opie's little girlfriend).
As for the content of the tv show in general? A little predictable maybe but the opitome of wholesome homelife. The wisdom of "let's not hurt some else's feelings by intentionally blabbing the actual truth to them/let's not disillution the hopeful boy by unnecessarily telling all" in the end coulda made this show a real winner.
However,so many really nice shows like this were cast against mega shows in time slots (like I Married Joan vs I Love Lucy)that gave them not a slim chance nor a fat chance but NO chance. 8-?
Reviewer: Retro_Saiyan - favoritefavoritefavorite - July 15, 2008
Subject: Average, But Not Bad
Pretty typical early 60's TV pilot, with some similarities with the short-lived 1954 sitcom "Meet Corliss Archer". Nothing special, But does feature some good footage of 60's house design.
Reviewer: rq52 - favoritefavoritefavorite - July 11, 2008
Subject: Little Amy
Cute, sweet, and predictable. Nice message of trying to help others. Unforunately, such sweetness and helpfulness won't fit into today's TV of cynical and stupid ideas of why should I help others; what's in it for me?
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